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 MCAS was started by parents of students at one of the nation’s premiere performing arts high schools.  Hundreds of kids later, we help all students, grades 9-12, performing arts background or not, discover their future by starting with what interests them and plugging college planning into how to get the best education for the money, with eyes open to both academic tracks and the opportunities to do thousands of things all over the world.

MCAS college evaluations are written for parents and students to be good consumers of their education, and get the most “bang for the buck” that they can out of their education. We pull no punches with even the most nameplate colleges and universities. We tour campuses, research experiences of current students, and do the homework on the kind of experiences that undergraduates have. That a school is prestigious as a research institution does not make it well designed for undergraduates.  We examine quality of life, financing, and even things like the cost of transportation to and from school, a significant factor that parents often forget about.

MCAS will open your eyes to pathways and career tracks that most high school students never consider.


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