Get Over Graduating and Godlike Delusions

Every year, clever seniors, already admitted to a college or university, think that they have the game beat. They are, momentarily, immortal and untouchable.

Please allow us to strip your waxen wings before the colleges that have just admitted you melt them for you.  Avoid these pitfalls because the colleges that admitted you take action that can lead to your invitation being rescinded or have you enter school on an academic probation status.

The “I just have to pass my AP” Delusion

The theory of the Senior Immortals is that you don’t have to study hard for your senior year APs. A 3 or better looks good enough, and, for many schools that don’t give you any credit, why bother?

In many cases, schools that don’t offer AP credit will still let you test out to a higher level of the subject area at their schools if you have a 4 or 5. 3? Nope.  So it’s worth a semester and a bunch of money.

THE “I Don’t Have To Turn In Everything” DELUSION

Hey! I’ve been accepted, the senior brain reasons. As long as I get a decent grade in the second semester, and I don’t fail, I’m still in, right?

Wrong. Schools offers of admission are contingent on you maintaining not only the grades but the rigor of your schedule.  Top schools like Yale will send you a warning if your grades fall, and many schools will revoke an acceptance if they catch you slacking.  Particularly at some schools, where seniors don’t have finals, your midterm and your other test and project grades are even more important during that last semester of your senior year.

(Don’t slack.)


Likewise, you can have an admission rescinded with pronounced behavioral changes. If you cut class a lot, or skip school altogether a few days over here and there, you can find your accepted school will rescind your admission.

Try to avoid doing things that undermine the credibility that you built up with your academic, social, and admissions profile at the college that has chosen you, and which you have chosen.  Schools can and do rescind admissions every year. Do not let it happen to you!