Priority Admissions Deadlines – ALL STUDENTS & PARENTS PLEASE READ


Every year the Florida public universities get inundated with applications. So they have a special deal: PRIORITY ADMISSIONS.

PRIORITY ADMISSIONS DEADLINE: FSU: OCT. 19th. Other Florida Public Universities is NOV. 1st.

This is NOT early decision, or early action.  There is nothing binding about getting your application in. It just allows them to process a huge chunk of applications early, and give people a decision by December 5-7th, for most schools.

Why is it important to get into this pool?  First,  if you want to be considered for music or other performing arts scholarships at Florida’s public universities (UF, UCF, USF, UNF, etc.), the faculty at most of these schools hand out the majority of money to students in this pool. Why? They’re the more motivated to attend, one line of reasoning goes AND, if admissions has already approved you, they know that they are handing out precious limited scholarship offers to students who don’t have to worry about being vetted by the main admissions office first.  

You must have your APPLICATION AND ESSAY complete and submitted by midnight of Halloween (10.31). If you are running behind, you can get transcripts and letters of recommendation in slightly behind that, but do not let those go more than two weeks.

If you don’t get the application in by the deadline, how does that affect you?  You still have a good chance of being admitted, but the available pool of financial aid money for music will be much more limited.

If you need help getting your essays done, please contact Ms. Middleton, Brian Ross, or Mr. Salvia to help plug you in with a reader that can help you shape your essay and any extra written prompts!