Top Undergrad Schools for Ph.Ds in Science & Engineering


What is one of the measures of the quality of an undergraduate education at a college? How many people go on to achieve the highest (terminal) degrees. There’s a reason.

Undergraduate schools that generate a lot of Ph.Ds tend to be “core” undergraduate schools. They are the places that graduate schools seek out for the best and brightest students upon which they build their graduate programs.

What’s a Ph.D, and why would I want one?  MONEY, for starters. In most occupations, it’s a big double-digit boost in your lifetime earning power.  You will also be considered to be one of the leading experts in whatever field you pursue, which can mean more perqs and benefits, and a generally improved experience of your work world.  It can also lead to more challenging kinds of work. People with their Ph.Ds are often at the forefront of breakthroughs in the sciences. Top performing artists with their doctoral degrees land good academic gigs backstopping their creative efforts.
Ph.D Data

Here is a “list of lists”  that we’ve compiled from a few top lists of undergraduate programs that produce the most Ph.Ds in the sciences and in engineering.  (Links are to programs that we have reviewed specifically for performing arts school students)

  1. Cal Tech
  2. Harvey Mudd College
  3. MIT
  4. Reed College
  5. Swarthmore College
  6. Carleton College
  7. University of Chicago
  8. Grinnell College
  9. Rice University
  10. Princeton University
  11. Harvard University
  12. Bryn Mawr College
  13. Haverford College
  14. Pomona College
  15. New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
  16. Williams College
  17. Yale Univeristy
  18. Oberlin College
  19. Stanford University
  20. Johns Hopkins University
  21. Kalamazoo College
  22. Cornell University
  23. Case Western Reserve
  24. Washington College
  25. Brown University
  26. Wesleyan University
  27. Carnegie Mellon University
  28. Macalester College
  29. Amherst College
  30. Duke University
  31. Beloit College (My son’s school.)
  32. Bowdoin Collge
  33. Wellesley College
  34. Ressenlaer Polytechnic Institute
  35. Earlham College
  36. Franklin and Marshall College
  37. Lawrence University
  38. University of Rochester
  39. University of California-Berkeley
  40. Dartmouth College
  41. Occidental College
  42. Hendrix College
  43. Vassar College
  44. Trinity University
  45. College of William and Mary
  46. St. John College
  47. Bates College
  48. Whitman College
  49. Brandeis University
  50. Hampshire College

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